All of our service offerings are delivered using our core business values:
  • SPEED: doing things faster than our nearest competitor
  • Consistency: delivering the same high standard of service every time - again and again and again
  • Reliability: keeping the commitments we make
  • Technical Competence: continuous learning and skills upgrade, collaboration and validation
  • Virtual Integration: suppliers and customers form a seamless chain minimizing process and cost duplication, maintaining a high order fulfillment rate at competitive market prices and near-zero stock levels. Our clear understanding of the micro market dynamics in each country helps customers shorten their cash flow cycles and maximize use of available credit
  • Adaptability: being nimble, small and open allows us to optimize resources on the fly
Orion technology is one of the service provider for active network equipment distribution as solution based hardware and software distribution and sales. The company has team of senior experts for design, customization and propose buyers for their right on spot solution, as problem oriented or future scalability and solution oriented approach. Network solution provisions designed by Orion Network Engineers are always designed to scalable and robust. For this we have certified Engineers in multi-vendor products to mention few, Cisco, HP, Dell, Polycom, Aruba, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, NETGEAR etc. In the area of network service integration we have a sound experiences on:
  • Data Center infrastructure design and implementation.
  • LAN back bone, internet and data network gate way infrastructure solutions.
  • Network auditing, optimization and quality of service assurances
  • Network Monitoring tools and services.
  • Products selection and deployment
Today electronic learning solutions are enhancing the learning-teaching process of worldwide knowledge share point. This can be achieved by deploying:
  • Digital smart class solution that can be cascaded worldwide
  • Deploying digital language and digging laboratories
  • Remote class management platforms
  • Video conferencing solution-point to multi point.
For these solutions, Orion is best suited in terms of design, products selection, and customization service deployment as turnkey solution.